Standard Philippine Company Investigation & Due Diligence


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We are a US-based company, and our team specializes in conducting investigations, due diligence, and risk management. Our objective is to deliver exceptional Standard Philippine Company Investigation & Due Diligence services.

 Business Activity Analysis:

  • A thorough examination of the company’s core business activities.
  • Understanding the industry it operates in and its competitive landscape.
  • Identifying key revenue streams and growth prospects.

Legal Compliance Assessment:

  • Ensuring the company adheres to Philippine legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Identifying any potential legal issues, compliance discrepancies, or violations.
  • Assessing the company’s track record in fulfilling its legal obligations.

Sanctions Check:

  • Screening for any connections to sanctioned individuals or entities, ensuring compliance with international sanctions.
  • Verifying that the company has not engaged in transactions with prohibited parties or countries.

Criminal Case Screening:

  • Scrutinizing the company’s involvement in any criminal or civil cases.
  • Verifying with law enforcement agencies, including the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), to assess ongoing or past criminal investigations.

Shareholder, Director, and Owner Profiling:

  • Providing detailed profiles of the company’s shareholders, directors, and owners.
  • Highlighting their backgrounds, qualifications, and roles within the company.
  • Identifying any potential conflicts of interest or legal issues related to these individuals.

Corporate Filings Review:

  • Thoroughly analyzing the company’s corporate filings, including financial reports, tax records, and legal documents.
  • Ensuring the accuracy and completeness of these records.
  • Identifying any discrepancies or red flags that may require further investigation.

This comprehensive breakdown of the service clarifies each component’s purpose and the steps involved in conducting a thorough investigation and due diligence of a Philippine company.