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Demystifying Employment Verification Costs in the Philippines


In the ever-evolving landscape of employment, the importance of a thorough employee background check cannot be overstated. Employers today need more than just a surface-level understanding of a candidate’s history; they require a comprehensive analysis that reveals hidden issues and ensures a secure and trustworthy workforce. In this blog, we will explore the costs associated with employment verification in the Philippines, shedding light on our meticulous employee background check process that encompasses criminal history, online activities, reference authenticity, employment history, social media screening, and past employer investigations.

The Significance of Employment Verification:

Revealing Hidden Issues:

Our employee background check is designed to go beyond the surface, uncovering any issues that may be hidden or undisclosed. By delving deep into a candidate’s background, we ensure that employers are equipped with the information needed to make informed hiring decisions.

Criminal History in the Philippines:

Understanding a candidate’s criminal history is paramount. Our process includes a thorough examination of any involvement in illicit activities, both offline and online. Leveraging OSINT techniques, we verify if there is any concealed participation in criminal activities, such as online fraud.

Authenticity of References:

Ensuring the authenticity of references is crucial in establishing the credibility of a candidate. Our verification process includes a meticulous examination of references provided, leaving no room for doubt regarding the accuracy of the information presented.

Verification of Employment History:

Uncovering any hidden accountabilities with past employers is vital for a comprehensive background check. Our process verifies employment history, ensuring that candidates do not conceal any issues with previous companies that may impact their suitability for a new role.

Social Media Screening:

In today’s digital age, social media can be a window into a candidate’s behavior and character. Our screening process involves a thorough examination of social media platforms to identify any potential red flags or issues that may affect the candidate’s professional standing.

Investigation of Past Employers:

A deep dive into past employers or undeclared employment is part of our process. This investigation ensures that any issues with previous employers are uncovered, providing employers with a comprehensive understanding of a candidate’s professional history.

Costs of Comprehensive Employment Verification:

Transparent Pricing:

Our commitment to transparency extends to our pricing structure. We offer competitive and transparent costs for our comprehensive employment verification services, ensuring that our clients receive value for their investment.

Tailored Packages:

Recognizing the diverse needs of our clients, we offer tailored verification packages. Whether you’re a multinational corporation or an individual employer, our packages cater to different requirements, providing comprehensive verification services suited to your specific needs.


A thorough employee background check is an investment in the integrity and security of your workforce. Our comprehensive employment verification services in the Philippines are designed to provide you with the detailed insights needed to make informed hiring decisions. From criminal history to social media screening, our process covers all aspects, ensuring a trustworthy and reliable workforce for your organization.

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