International Employment Verification


International Employment Verification

At Avignon Global, a US-based company, we provide services to help organizations verify the authenticity of the educational backgrounds that their applicants are submitting. This is especially important for companies that hire internationally, as educational systems and credentials can vary widely from country to country.

The Importance of International Employment Verification

International hiring brings unique challenges in credential and background assessment. Our service provides clarity and assurance in the recruitment process, ensuring you make informed decisions.

Benefits of International Employment Verification

Risk Mitigation: Safeguard your business against potential issues like falsified credentials and undisclosed employment history.

Compliance Assurance: Stay in compliance with international and local regulations, reducing legal complexities.

Confidence in Recruitment: Make well-informed decisions, minimizing the risk of bad hires and fostering successful, long-term employment relationships.

Our International Employment Verification Process

Credential Validation: We confirm the legitimacy of academic degrees, certifications, and qualifications, guaranteeing your candidates possess the required skills.

Work History Verification: We rigorously verify past employment details, including positions held, tenure, and performance, offering a complete insight into their work experience.

Legal Compliance Review: We ensure your hiring process adheres to international and local laws, mitigating legal risks and liabilities.


International Verification

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