Standard Philippines Criminal Record Check


Standard Philippines Criminal Record Check

We’re a US-based company that focuses on providing thorough criminal record checks in the Philippines. 

We provide specialized Philippine Criminal Record Check services that are crucial for due diligence and security in various circumstances. These services are designed to equip you with comprehensive information, enabling you to make informed decisions and effectively mitigate potential risks.

We offer two (2) types of Philippines Criminal Record Check packages:

Standard Philippine Criminal Record Check Package

In this Standard package, you can choose between checking with the two leading law enforcement agencies in the Philippines. This package is ideal when you require information from one of these key agencies.

Comprehensive Philippine Criminal Record Check Package

The comprehensive Philippine Criminal Record Check encompasses scrutiny by prominent law enforcement agencies. In this package, we meticulously investigate any record of criminal activities, outstanding arrest warrants, or previous warrants of arrest issued by relevant courts in the Philippines.

Philippine Law Enforcement Agencies

In the Philippines, the two leading law enforcement agencies that play a pivotal role in ensuring security and justice are the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). These esteemed organizations are at the forefront of maintaining law and order, making them integral partners in comprehensive background checks.  

The Significance of Philippine Criminal Record Check

Understanding the present and past history of an individual is of paramount importance in various scenarios. In the context of due diligence:

Business Transactions: Prevent potential risks by ensuring that your partners and agreements are free from undisclosed criminal backgrounds, minimizing the possibility of fraud, financial losses, and legal complications.

Personal Transactions: Ensure your financial investments and personal safety by uncovering any undisclosed criminal histories, avoiding trust violations and security concerns.

Hiring Freelancers from the Philippines: Minimize project risks and maintain your reputation by conducting comprehensive background checks on potential freelancers.

Investments: Safeguard your finances and make sound investment decisions by verifying the integrity of your partners, reducing the potential for financial fraud.

Interactions in the Philippines: Foster trust and security in your interactions and transactions by revealing any undisclosed criminal backgrounds, ensuring a safer and more reliable experience.

Our Philippine Criminal Record Check services offer you the essential insights needed for risk mitigation and security, allowing you to make well-informed decisions. Contact us today to select the package that best fits your due diligence requirements.


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